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About Chesteria

Chesteria – is an arcade style game, which is played against other players, using bitcoin currency. In this game you wouldn’t find any aspects of gambling, amount of bitcoin which you won there, depends from your selected game tactics, abilities to quickly respond to a situation, insight and just a little bit of luck.


Select chest value and locate it on the game board..

Seek other chests hidden by the players. If chest is secretly kept in a window and it is not locked, you will rob from it, how much is worth your chest. If there are less bitcoins in founded chest, than yours chest value, you will steal from it all amount! If chest is locked, you will just open it, but bitcoin you couldn’t thieve. If your chest will be robbed, it automatically will be deleted from the game board and if you wish to continue playing, you must to place another chest. Each new window you can open every 2 seconds.


“Time Machine”

– opportunity will reduce time between chests opening from 2 seconds to 1 second. You will be able to open two times more chests than usually. This ability lasts as long as your chest isn’t stolen. Price of this feature is equal to yours chest value.



– is a chance to lock your chest. When player founds your chest, he will just unlock it, but not steal. This ability can be used only one time per placed chest. Price of this feature is equal to yours chest value. Good Luck & Have Fun. You can contact us via support form.